The future of personalized music

Muzaic is not just an idea. It is a question that asks how technology and innovation can change the possibilities of music and how these changes can enhance human flourishing in the future.

At muzaic we understand all dimensions of music

Music is emotion

Music is emotion

Purposes and human emotions determine the shape of a song in real time.

Music is culture

Music is culture

All muzaic sounds are crafted by human artists, fairly paid and copyrighted.

Music is structure

Music is structure

Structure of music is being created live by a symbolic AI model based on input data interface.

Music is data

Music is data

Several data analysis processes are active on individual and large scale.

muzaic app

Create personalized music with muzaic mobile app to achieve your purpose with ease. Let muzaic compose music to accompany your everyday activites.

Create personalized soundtracks effortlessly. Upload video. Select parameters. Adapt to your needs. Listen to your new soundtrack. All in just one minute. 

Would you like to learn more about our vision, dive into the topics of technology and culture, and discover our innovative technology concepts? 

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Muzaic vs Competitors

What is special about muzaic ?

  • Authentic music quality

    Our compositions are crafted by professional musicians using recordings from traditional instruments, ensuring exceptional artistic quality.

  • Personalized music experience

    Muzaic tunes into your unique music personality profile and creates compositions based on biofeedback, making your listening experience truly tailored to you.

  • Fully Customizable

    You have complete control over every aspect of the music. Adjust parameters according to your preference, and feel free to make changes anytime.

  • Endless music stream

    Enjoy a continuous stream of music without the constraints of playlists. Experience smooth transitions between tracks for a seamless listening journey.

  • Innovative AI approach

    Our technology combines human talent, scientific principles, and cutting-edge AI techniques to deliver a one-of-a-kind music experience.

  • Perfect for creators

    Effortlessly design your soundtrack, save time, and enhance your creative process. Muzaic is ideal for all kinds of online creators seeking a hassle-free music solution.

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