About Us

The story of Muzaic is first and foremost a story about music. Muzaic is founded by two musicians, both classically educated, but grounded in creative composition, music pedagogy, and direct musical experience. It is their love for music that brought them together, and it is this uniting, freeing, and creative power of music that they want to share with the world. For years, they have organised cultural events, tried to innovate the stagnant and conservative world of classical music, and transformed the lives of many, including juvenile delinquents, ‘problem’ youth, and children from broken families, through music. 

Unfortunately, they have also experienced the backlash of our current systems. Several of their bigger music projects were blown off due to political reasons, projects that could have been very impactful didn’t get funded, and they experienced the rigidity of the music world. This was a turning point. They realized that to fully embody their values and reach their potential, they had to go against the grain. They put everything on the line and created a startup that marries the elements that they are most passionate about music, technology, and science. The idea of Muzaic is born. 

At first, they were asked to create an app that uses algorithms to generate music to help people fight pain. Although this project never fully materialized, listening to AI-generated music made them see past their own limitations and imagine the future. 

In Muzaic, it is our vision to enable human creativity, ensure individual music experiences, and expand what is possible. Therefore, we create the tools to help you take the next step on your journey to human flourishing, embracing the endless possibilities of music, science, and technology.

Our Founders

Wojtek Hazanowicz


Kasia Konciak