Muzaic for Canva

Level up your videos with effortless Soundtrack magic.

Ditch generic music! Muzaic AI creates custom music for your Canva videos. Choose the mood, adjust the intensity, and watch the AI generate a perfect soundtrack. Export high-quality, royalty-free audio in seconds.

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Key features:

  • Unique compositions:
    Each generated audio is a completely new music composition.
  • True time adjustment:
    Possibility of generating songs of an exact given duration.
  • Tags feature for music ordering:
    Order the proper music style/mood with our 30 exclusively designed tags.
  • Music personalization:
    Make the most of your vision and freely adjust the music in 5 musical dimensions: intensity, tempo, rhythm, tone, and variance

Frequently Asked Questions​

AI Music by Muzaic Canva App is a tool that allows you to create music using artificial intelligence and add it to your Canva project. It is a great tool for video and social media creators 

You can name the mood and genre of music you want to create, and the app will generate a piece of music for you in seconds. You have the option to manually set music parameters and specify the exact duration required. The AI Music system will then generate and automatically upload the audio file to your Canva design.

Levering the power of Muzaic’s AI, the app can potentially generate a wide range of music genres and styles. You might be able to specify things like mood (happy, epic, romantic, etc.), genre (jazz, pop, etc.) or even parameters (intensity, tempo, etc.) to tailor the music to your project’s needs.

Nope! When you use the AI Music by Muzaic Canva App, the music you create is yours to use freely within your Canva projects. Think of it like a soundtrack just for your Canva creations.

Just remember: The music can only be used with the Canva project, you are not allowed to download the music file and use it separately, outside of the project.